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Over 25 years, the Davao Crocodile Park has developed an educational program through interaction as our way of disseminating awareness to our viewing public. Because of our desire to reach out more people, we have established a base here in Manila, The Crocodile Park Manila. It aims to provide wildlife experience and build enduring relationships between people and wildlife in creating a balance ecosystem.
Crocodile Park Junior
Because of the popularity of our wildlife, crocodile educational show,  program and a minds-on  & hands-on interactive science exhibit, last year  we showcased The Butterfly House,  Insectariums, an Ostrich mini-Farm and a mini-Petting Zoo. Now, we will be adding more  activities like MARINE WORLD. Thus, making us your  One-Stop learning, Interactive and Leisure Hub, in the heart of the City. 


Newest Educational Programs

Orange is your closest relative, 97% of their genetic make is same us human. He will tickle you with his keen sense of humor and dazzle you with his gifts. It is a non stop educational experience at its best as Orange and his friends dish out trick after trick! 

Come face to facewith the Biggest Crocodile in the World! 
Lolong is A-Live
An Anibot (Animal + Robot) created by Crocodile Park
the actual replica of Lolong. Lolong is a 20.24 ft Saltwater Crocodile.

For more details:
Call us at 02 833 5680 
Boom na Boom Compound Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
email us at roadshow@davaocrocodilepark.com

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Monday to Sunday
8:00 AM to 5:00PM

Crocodile Park Junior 

Entrance Fee: Php250.00 per person
2 years old  below: FREE of Charge

Regular Show
Saturday and Sunday

Super Birdshow 
Crocodile Feeding
Crocodile Dancing
Tightrope Walking
Wildilife Encounter Interactive

Crocodile Park Map
How to get here?

Crocodile Park Manila Map

AVP of Crocodile Park Manila 2014

 Travel Blogs

Traveler on Foot
Nine, ten, eleven, twelve… after seeing more than a dozen voracious crocodiles leaped out from the opaque and brownish green pool to grab chunks of meat hanging from the fishing line, we stopped counting. After all, this exhibition of predators at the Davao Crocodile Park in Manila were being upstaged by a nine-foot Burmese python, a five-kilo iguana, a gigantic bird from Australia, and a tightrope artist.
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 Member of:
Philippine Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (PhilAAPA)
Philippine Crocodile Society

Available Crocodile Park Products: 
1. Crocodile Meat
2. Crocodile Leather
3. Crocodile Oil
4. Mt. Apo Civet Coffee

Souvenir Items:
T-shirt, Crocodile Stuff Toys, Keychains and many more. Get one Now. Limited Edition 



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A crocodile can be any of the 14 species of large, water-loving reptiles in the family Crocodylidae (sometimes classified instead as the subfamily Crocodylinae). The term is also used more loosely to include all members of the order Crocodylia: that is, the true crocodiles; the alligators and caimans (family Alligatoridae); and the Gharial (family Gavialidae).

Roy Alrex a biology student visited DCP Roadshow & Wildlife Encounter "he loves animals"
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Pangil "The Giant Crocodile"
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Kuya Kim (Matanglawin)
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DCP Roadshow & Wildlife Encounter

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