Mt. Apo Highland Resort

Mount Apo Highland Resort at Lake Mirror and Hillside located at Kapatagan, Digos.

The resort is a perfect place among corporate groups for a team building activities. Mount Apo Highland Resort is a wonderful place to relax, appreciate nature and experience adventure. The place is the right venue for family bonding and gathering. Also, a good site for backpackers and for those who love to climb Mt. Apo.

At Mount Apo Highland Resort, you may enjoy swimming, fishing, boating and horseback riding and trekking. Food may be catered or you may bring your own. You may also taste the sweet banana and have a try of the world class Mount Apo Civet Coffee.

Adventure trips like zipline at Camp Sabros may also be tried. Plus, be amazed with Kublai’s masterpiece, “The Art Garden”. Trekking Virgin Falls and a visit in a Bagobo Village would complete the tour.

Mt. Apo Highland Resort

 Visit Mount Apo Highland Resort and enjoy nature at its best.  
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Amidst the busy urban lifestyle in hometown Davao City, there lies a picturesque and serene destination in 
Kapatagan, Digos City. This quaint barangay is slowly turning out to be a tourist-friendly site. One of the best attractions in Kapatagan is a resort complex called Camp@Tagan Lake Mirror and Hillside. Read More

Please call 275 7955.

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